50 Fun Summer Activities

Making Time for Chocolate
means taking time to do the things that you love every day.

Following is a list of fun activities to do with family and friends this summer.

Life is short.  Enjoy every moment.

Watch a movie outside
Walk on the boardwalk and listen to the boards creak under your feet
Play tag, hopscotch, or one of your favorite childhood games
Blow bubbles
Ride a roller coaster or ferris wheel
Play miniature golf
Go to a fair or rodeo
Catch fireflies at night
Build a sandcastle at the beach
Light sparklers

Eat and Drink
Eat a whole lobster with your hands
Pick fruit at a farm
Eat corn on the cob
Eat a slice of watermelon
Make homemade ice-cream
Roast marshmallows over a fire and make s’mores
Make lemonade from scratch
Buy a Creamsicle from the neighborhood ice cream truck
Buy fresh produce at the farmers’ market
Freeze your own popsicles
Eat a soft-serve vanilla ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles
Have a barbecue

The Great Outdoors
Swim in a lake
Pick wildf…

Chocolate Cake - Jamie Oliver


The Pleasure of Neuhaus Chocolates


Mezzo Chocolate

I visited Mezzo a couple of months ago in Salt Lake City, Utah. Topher has a passion for chocolate and it shows as he welcomes individuals into the shop. Mezzo has already won awards for their chocolate.  The hot chocolate is wonderful.  This is chocolate for serious dark chocolate lovers.

The chocolate can be purchased on line and in select stores.

How to Make Jacques Torres' Gourmet Hot Chocolate

How to Make Chocolate From Scratch

I love to bake and I love chocolate.

I've always wondered if I could make chocolate from scratch at home.

Following is a detailed video showing the entire process from roasting the cocoa beans to tasting the final product.

It is an extremely intensive process that I will try some day, but after watching how much work is involved I do not feel quite so bad spending $5-$10 on a bar of chocolate from my favorite chocolate companies!

 Let me know how your chocolate turns out!

How to Make Delicious Hot Chocolate