A Box of Chocolate

Picture a beautifully wrapped box of chocolate. You carefully untie the ribbon and open the lid. The scent of chocolate fills the air. Thirty unique pieces of candy are artistically arranged inside the box. Every piece looks like a work of art. You open the beautiful pamphlet that explains the different types of fillings. Your mouth begins to water as you contemplate which piece to try first.

Are you in the mood for a white chocolate and passion fruit cream covered in dark chocolate topped with cocoa nibs? Maybe you are in the mood for a strawberry and white chocolate ganache covered in milk chocolate and lilacs. Perhaps you are more in the mood for a rich caramel center covered in milk chocolate or a dark chocolate cream truffle dusted in cocoa. Do you want something simple like roasted peanuts in milk chocolate or are you in an adventurous mood and you want to try the chocolate with wasabi? The choices seem overwhelming.

You finally make your selection. You hesitate to take the first bite as you stop to admire the intricate design molded into the chocolate. Finally you take a bite and immediately you sense the smoothness of the truffle. You taste the rich raspberry chocolate and you smile knowing that you made a very good choice.

What happens next? Do you try another piece, do you hide the box for later or do you pass the box around the room to share with your family and friends?

Chocolate can tell a lot about a person. Are you willing to try new flavors, or do you always stick with the same kind? Do you eat the box of chocolate quickly or do you savor each piece? Do you share with others or do you keep it all for yourself?

I suggest ordering some chocolate now to share with your family or friends. Plan some time together to talk, laugh and enjoy the moment.

Everyone should make time for chocolate.

Here are a few chocolate sites to enjoy now:

Alegio Chocolate