The Chocolate Easter Bunny

I walked into the store yesterday and there it was staring down from the top shelf: the Chocolate Easter Bunny.

I walked further down the aisle and I saw cards, candy and heart shaped boxes of chocolate on display for Valentine’s Day.

I continued walking down the aisle and I saw a table full of leftover Christmas decorations and candy.

Three different holidays separated by five months on the calendar were represented in this one section of the store.

Personally, I am not quite ready to jump ahead to Easter. Certainly, the prospect of spring and warmer weather seems enticing on a cold winter’s day, but seeing all of the merchandise in the stores in January is not very appealing. It seems we are trying to rush too quickly from one event to the next.

How often do you find yourself thinking things like “I can hardly wait for the weekend, I can hardly wait for my vacation, I can hardly wait for Valentine’s Day or I can hardly wait for Valentine’s Day to be over?”

Kids are really good with these statements. I can hardly wait . . .(just fill in the blank) until I am older, for school to end, for summer, for the new computer game, for my birthday, (you get the idea).

It is good to have things to look forward to, but it becomes a problem when we are so busy counting down the minutes to those major events that we forget to enjoy the time in between. Why live from event to event when you could also be utilizing all of those other valuable minutes?

Life is a process not an event.

Personally, I can wait for Easter. That chocolate rabbit is just going to have to stay on that shelf.

I don’t need to wait for the next major event. I’m going to do something fun right now.

Enjoy every minute. Make time for chocolate.