Find Your Balance

Stand with your arms folded over your chest. Slowly lift your right leg keeping your knee bent at a right angle in front of you. Now, close your eyes.

How long can you hold this position without losing your balance? Now, try the same thing with your left leg.

How is your balance? Is one side stronger than the other? With practice you can increase the amount of time you are able to stand perfectly still. Sometimes you have to relearn how to stand, shift your weight and focus. Just like our bodies, our lives get out of balance and we have to relearn how to focus and find our balance.

Today, in the U.S., it is a holiday and many people have time off from work and school. How do you spend your time? Are holidays a time to relax or are they frustrating because you are trying to catch up on all of your projects? Are you working today in an office where everyone else is on holiday? Are you overwhelmed by the amount of things you feel you need to accomplish?

Are you rushing to spend time with people you have neglected in the past? Do you try to relax but can’t because you are concentrating on your never-ending list of things you feel you have to do?

Our lives should not focus strictly on work. It is important to create balance. If we make tiny adjustments every day that add variety to our lives, eventually we will be able to refocus and find our own unique balance.

Start with just thirty minutes every day. Choose an area where you would like to focus. Some areas may include spending time with family, visiting friends or finding some personal time.

Instead of collapsing in front of the television in the evenings, go for a thirty-minute walk with a friend or with your family. Spend thirty minutes in a quiet corner reading a book. Call a friend or send a thank you note. Listen to music, relax in the bath or meditate.

For thirty minutes do something you want to be doing. Do not feel guilty about not focusing on your huge list of things you have to do. For thirty minutes don’t think about checking your e-mail or answering the phone. This is your time.

Do something for thirty minutes that pulls you away from your normal work routine and allows you to focus on the people and things that make life worth living.

Gradually you can increase the amount of time allocated for these areas in your life. Eventually you will find the right balance.

Enjoy your holiday, remember what is important and make time for chocolate.