Life in the City

New York City is a city of extremes. It has the very best and the very worst.

Visitors to the city may have experienced riding the subway, but only those who have lived here know what it is like to commute home every day in a hot subway car that is so crowded there is hardly room to blink. We know where to find the wind tunnels in the stations and where to stand on a hot summer day when the train has been delayed. We know when to hold our breath and we know when it is safe to breath.

We learn to move quickly through the streets and we have become extremely adept at maneuvering around people who stop on busy sidewalks to look up at the buildings.

We avoid crowds by knowing the best times to visit our favorite places. We know where to find fabulous restaurants that are not crowded because they have not recently been advertised in the latest Guide to New York City.

We spend our free time exploring streets away from the crowds. Every day we discover unique places that we make our own. We have favorite places for bagels, books and art. We try to keep these places a secret so we can go there to retreat from our hectic lives. This is how we survive.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in New York City or Topeka, Kansas. You have to have your own type of coping mechanism when life gets tough. You have to be able to recognize what makes you happy. You have to find something to look forward to every day.

Sometimes we get distracted and we lose sight of what really makes us happy. We get caught in the crowds surrounding us. Instead of forging a new path around the crowds, we follow blindly. Sadly, we stop thinking for ourselves and we start to listen to and believe, the conflicting voices of co-workers, friends and the media.

Today is the day to break away from the crowds and make a new path. A path you have chosen because you know it will make you happy.

Life is a precious gift. Appreciate every minute.

Always remember to make time for chocolate.