Life is a Process

“He who does not get fun and enjoyment out of every day . . . needs to
reorganize his life.”
- George Matthew Adams

“May the new year see all of your dreams fulfilled.” Actually, the saying was much more optimistic. I discovered it many years ago when I was just beginning high school. My father accepted a new job that required our family to relocate to Southern California. The company paid for us to stay in a famous chi-chi hotel for a month until our new home was ready.

The hotel had a beautiful swimming pool, tennis courts with access to lessons from a private instructor, beautiful gardens and a restaurant. It sounds like a perfect vacation. In fact, I wish I could return for a week right now!

It is interesting what we remember from the past. As I look back on those days spent lounging around the pool, I remember longing for a home-cooked meal and the luxury of being in our own home.

I don’t remember which famous movie stars we saw dining in the hotel restaurant. I do remember being excited to find a large basket of goodies in our rooms when we first arrived at the hotel. I also remember looking forward to returning to our rooms in the evening to find the lights dimmed, the beds turned down and chocolate mints on our pillows. I also remember the card placed on our pillows that said, “May the new day see all of your dreams fulfilled.”

Life is a process not an event. January 1 is the beginning of a new year. This is the popular time to make New Year’s resolutions. Television commercials are constantly advertising weight loss products and gym memberships have already been discounted. Every January we get caught up in the excitement of a new year.

By the end of January we realize that we are exhausted. We rationalize that it is really not practical to give up sugar completely and commit to a daily workout in the gym.

We have already failed and it is only the beginning of February.

This is the year to move away from major events and start focusing on the little things in our lives. Are we doing what we love every day?

It is time to create a lifestyle where we don’t just take time we make time to enjoy our passions. It is time to focus daily on changes that will make us happier.

Slow down and make time for your passions.

Make time for chocolate!