Ten Extra Days

Children are particularly good at spending a lot of time getting dressed, brushing teeth, putting their shoes on, taking a bath and going to bed. They get easily distracted. They can think of so many more things that they would rather be doing.

Have you ever seen how fast a child can get ready to go out the door if you are headed to the playground? Have you seen how quickly a child can get ready for school if she knows she can spend the extra time on the computer before it is time to leave?

Usually it takes at least thirty minutes for my daughter to get ready for school. When she has an incentive, all of her other distractions disappear. Recently, she broke an all-time record and she was completely ready for school (dressed, bed made, hair brushed, backpack and coat waiting by the door) in five minutes! It is amazing what we can accomplish when it is something we want to do.

Twenty minutes is not very much time compared to an entire day. It is not very difficult to find an extra twenty minutes in your day. Some people spend twenty minutes just trying to figure out what to wear. Others waste twenty minutes staring at the kitchen cupboard or standing in front of the refrigerator wondering what to eat for breakfast.

If you jump out of bed as soon as your alarm clock rings and you quickly get ready for the day, what could you do with those extra twenty minutes?

Find twenty minutes every day for five days of the week to focus on a new skill. By the end of the year you will have been able to spend over 80 hours developing that new skill. If you focus for 20 minutes every day on a project, then you will have been able to spend over 112 extra hours on that project by the end of the year.

How will you have spent those extra days? If you started doing this last year, would you now know a new language? Would you know how to play the piano? How many books could you have read during that time?

Twenty minutes five times every week is not difficult to find. That’s all it takes to make a positive change in your life. Focusing on twenty minutes EVERY day is even more dramatic.

What are you going to start doing today for twenty minutes?

Certainly you can find twenty minutes to do something you have been wanting to do. Start today. Make time for chocolate.