A Touch of Spring

The temperature in New York City yesterday reached 64 degrees. For those of you living in areas where winter is still very prevalent and the temperature is not yet above freezing, you must imagine our excitement as we ran outside. We left scarves, mittens and heavy coats behind and we ventured out wearing light jackets.

During the lunch hour, people escaped office buildings to walk in the park. After school the sidewalks were full of kids riding scooters. The playgrounds were bursting with life and energy. Kids formed circles and threw Frisbees. Everyone seemed happy.

It is interesting how such a small thing as a change in the weather can affect our mood.

I remember driving through the desert on the way to California. At the top of one of the mountain passes it started to snow. Many people, who had never seen snow before, pulled to the side of the road and they got out of their cars. It was fun to see the excitement in their eyes.

Change is what makes life interesting. When we get stuck in the same routine day after day we start to lose our sensitivity to the new and exciting things in life.

Christmas is an exciting time of the year because it shakes up our normal routine. Instead of trying to stay out of the cold, we venture outside to see the beautiful lights and Christmas decorations. Our activities revolve around the holiday. It is different from other times of the year.

We shouldn’t have to wait for Christmas, or a warm day in the middle of winter, to realize that we can find happiness every day if we just learn how to recognize it.

Broaden your perspective. Try something new.

Here are a few ideas:

Try different types of food for dinner.
Spread a tablecloth on the floor and have an indoor picnic.
Learn a new language.
Choose a fun book to read for 20 minutes every night.
Take a different path to work or school.
Pay attention to details. See the world as if you were going to take a close-up photo.
Listen to some new music.
Get out your baby photos.
Go ice-skating.
Learn how to street surf.
Sing. (Really it’s okay!)
Play some music and paint what you see.
Make a new schedule that includes time just for you.
Make time for chocolate.

As for me, I’m going outside to walk the streets of New York City. It is going to be another fabulous day.