A Tribute to Mom and Dad


A kind and patient adult willing to be on call in a fast paced environment 24 hours a day 7 days a week working as an unpaid permanent volunteer. There will be no holidays, sick days, stock options, financial bonuses or promotions for a job well done.

Individual must be dedicated, mature, highly energetic and a resourceful problem solver with the ability to remain calm in stressful situations.

Individual must also be highly organized, show attention to detail, flexible, self motivated, enthusiastic, friendly, willing to help others, work effectively unsupervised, disciplined, calm under pressure and be able to efficiently prioritize work load.

This position requires good management skills with the ability to motivate, recruit, make good decisions and be able to liaise at all levels. Individual must be optimistic, teach strong values and set a good example.

Individual must have excellent communication skills with the ability to be persuasive. You must be a compassionate listener with the ability to get to the root of a problem. You must also be resourceful and creative in finding time to recharge and connect with your spouse and extended family in this highly stressful environment.

You must be proficient in counseling, meal planning that meets specific nutritional needs, health, safety, teaching, technology, nursing, home maintenance, transportation, odd repairs, events management, activity coordination, crisis management, planning family holidays and other activities as needed.

You are responsible for buying birthday gifts, videotaping school plays, taking photos and all other activities that constitute “memories of growing up”. You must also have strong financial awareness and be imaginative with the use of limited resources.

If you choose this job as a full-time position, you will have the opportunity to make the greatest impact on your child’s life. You must maintain a good self-image and remain confident especially when others make you feel inadequate for not getting a “real" paying job or when the media downplays the importance of family.

No experience is necessary, but it will be helpful if you are willing to sacrifice your time for the needs of others. You should have a great personality, a sense of humor, a good attitude, patience and be committed to the job. You will see the rewards when you realize that children are our nation’s future and teaching them is the most important job in the world.

Thanks to all parents who are doing this job everyday. Thank you for sacrificing your time to make a difference in your children’s lives.

I saw this video several months ago, but it is worth seeing again.

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