$$ 10 Million Dollars $$

Many people say their lives would be so much better if they just had more money. “I would give anything for $10 million dollars”.

Would you trade your eyes and the ability to see a sunset or watch the laughter in a child’s face?

Would you trade your ears and the ability to hear beautiful music or the sound of a waterfall?

Would you trade your arms and the ability you have to hold a newborn baby or hug your family?

Would you trade your legs and the ability to run on the sand or climb mountains?

Although the idea of having a lot of money sounds enticing, I doubt many of us would be willing to give “anything” to get it.

Why spend so much time wishing for things we don’t have, when we could be focusing on all of the wonderful things that we do have?

Count your blessings.

Recognize the good things in your life. Spend time with your friends and family. Make time for chocolate.