15 Ways to Celebrate Leap Day

Tomorrow is a gift that comes once every four years. Many of us will be working and continuing with our normal routines. The day will come and go like any other day of the year, unless you make an effort to do something different.

If you were born on February 29 you are probably looking forward to a big celebration.

Accept this extra day as a gift. Think about how you could use this extra time tomorrow to celebrate and focus on the people and things that make life worth living.

Here are 15 ways to celebrate the day:
  1. Hold the door open for someone behind you
    (In NYC, help a mother carry the stroller up the subway stairs)
  2. Send a card to a friend
  3. Call a family member
  4. Give a compliment
  5. Smile as you walk down the street
  6. Do something you love
  7. Hug a child. Tell your family how much you love them
  8. Enjoy eating an ice-cream cone
  9. Start a Journal
  10. Take photos of your favorite people and things and put them in a book
  11. Enjoy your work
  12. Stop agreeing to do things you really don’t want to do
  13. Create your own sanctuary (a room or a special corner where you can relax)
  14. Give some snack size chocolate bars to all of the people you see throughout the day.
  15. Laugh
Enjoy these extra minutes with your friends and family.

Enjoy life. Make time for chocolate.