The Best Hot Chocolate

There are many different ways to create the perfect cup of hot chocolate and my favorite extremely dark chocolate mix may not necessarily be on the top of your list.

Chocolate companies have experimented with various cocoas to come up with their versions of hot chocolate mixes. Some companies sell pralines to melt in hot milk (like neuhaus and their chocoSpresso set). Other companies concentrate on creating interesting cocoa blends. Following is a list of a few companies that make interesting hot chocolate mixes.

Experiment with a few different kinds of mixes to find your perfect cup of hot chocolate. Maybe you will find a few new interesting blends to share with family and friends. Enjoy and make time for chocolate.

The Hot Chocolate List

Neuhaus ChocoSpresso $73.75 (18 servings) 6 flavored pralines to melt in hot milk
Michel Cluizel $24 (12 oz – 8 – 12 servings)
Woodhouse $16 (6 servings)
Frans $14 (9oz) dark chocolate
Chocolate Moderne $18 (13oz) (4 different blends)
Christopher Elbow $16 (12 oz) (Venezuelan Spice and Cocoa Noir)
Moonstruck Chocolate $14 (8 oz) $20 (16 oz) includes Classic, Mexican and Organic Double Dark Chocolate
Marie Belle $18 (10 oz tin) $24 (20 oz) flavors include Aztec, Spicy or Café Negro (20 oz refill bag available for $20)
Christopher Norman $18 (16 oz)
Max Brenner $10.90 (5.25oz) $11.70 (7 oz) chocolate chunks (perfect for chocolate licks)
L.A. Burdick $35 (32 oz) flavors include white, dark, milk
Jacques Torres $18 (18 oz – 8 to 10 servings)
Alison Nelson’s chocolate bar $19.50 Classic or Spicy Hot Chocolate
Ricard Chocolat $16.95 (8 varieties)
Lake Champlain Chocolates $8 (8 oz) Aztec, Mocha, New World, Old World, Traditional or Organic)
Godiva Chocolatier $10 (13.1 oz) flavors include milk, caramel and dark
Stephen's $4.99 (16oz) (popular with many because of the low price but this may not necessarily be your favorite)

Chocolate Covered Almonds (an extra treat - perfect with hot chocolate)

Charles SF Chocolates $12 (6.5 oz)
Christopher Elbow Artisanal Chocolates $12 (8oz)

I am going to be enjoying some extra time with my family this week. I will not be posting another blog entry until next week.

If you are new to the site, take a look at some of the archives. For those of you who visit often, I will be back online in about a week. Enjoy some delicious hot chocolate with your friends and family. Make time for what is important in your life. Enjoy every minute.