A Cup of Hot Chocolate

There is something extremely comforting about a cup of hot chocolate.

As a child, I remember the warmth of hot chocolate after playing outside in the snow. Drinking hot chocolate was a time to experiment with the spray whipping cream to see how fast it could dissolve into the hot liquid. It was a time to sprinkle tiny marshmallows on top and watch them slowly melt.

Drinking hot chocolate reminds me of sitting around the kitchen table late at night talking and laughing with mom and dad about my first date.

Hot chocolate transports me to Paris and my first adventure as a high school graduate. It reminds me of eating baguettes and drinking bitter chocolate every day for breakfast.

Hot chocolate reminds me of living in Australia and drinking it out of a glass. That is also where I first discovered Max Brenner and the comfort of drinking hot chocolate from a “hug mug” that was perfectly shaped for my hands. It is a memory of having three different kinds of chocolate delivered to our table so we could experience making our own recipe for hot chocolate.

Australia is also where I discovered that hot chocolate is the perfect companion for Tim Tams. Sucking hot chocolate through the cookie creates the ultimate Tim Tam chocolate explosion.

Drinking hot chocolate reminds me of spending time in a café with good friends. It is taking my daughter to a café for special mother daughter time.

It is recognizing my daughter’s independence as she learns how to make hot chocolate by herself. It is seeing her generosity as she offers to make it for everyone in the family. It is feeling her excitement when she finds out she can add tiny marshmallows to make it extra special.

Drinking hot chocolate reminds me of a cold rainy day in Portland when we discovered Moonstruck café. It is the thrill of experiencing my very first double dark chocolate cocoa.

In a fast paced world, hot chocolate is the perfect excuse to slow down, relax and spend time with friends and family.

Today is the day to pull out one of your favorite cups and enjoy some hot chocolate. Create some new memories.

It is wonderful to make time for chocolate.