Do You Have A Magic Eye?

Take a look at this picture. What do you see? I see colorful flowers in the foreground with a path leading up the hill to a castle surrounded by a rainbow. The sun is peaking out from the clouds.

Do you see anything else in this picture? Study the sky and see if you can see something magical.

The Magic Eye books were first published in the early 1990’s. They became extremely popular with kids, probably because they enjoyed seeing something really cool that not many other people were able to see at first glance.

Upon first glance, these computer-generated illustrations give no clue to their real nature. After you master the magic eye technique, you start to see images within the images that are totally invisible to those who have not yet learned the technique.

After you have learned the technique, you will be able to see a 3D unicorn in the sky above the castle.

Here is another one to try. What do you see in this picture?

Sometimes in life we judge people and things by how we see them. The question is are you seeing them correctly? Do you take everything at face value or do you look deeper to find the hidden meaning?

Have you trained your eyes to see things from a different perspective?

We should not form opinions too quickly because sometimes we lack some of the information or skills needed to make a more qualified judgment. Sometimes it takes a lot of practice to really see the entire picture. Sometimes we are distracted or we intentionally choose to ignore what is right in front of us. (Can you see the 3D Statue of Liberty in the second picture?)

Spend some time taking a closer look at the wonderful people and things around you. Make time for chocolate.