Don't Settle for Second Best

It was my first gift card for Godiva chocolate. The person behind the counter listened as I selected ten different flavors. He placed my selections in a tiny gold sack.

When I returned home later in the day and I opened my $20 bag of chocolate I was dismayed to find the pieces of chocolate had not traveled well. Yes, the gold bag was beautiful and it would have been perfect for two or three pieces of chocolate, but ten chocolates crammed into a tiny bag looked like they were unwanted pieces leftover from a wild party.

The intricate designs on the chocolate were smudged and the pieces that previously looked like works of art were damaged. If I had been planning to give them as a gift, I would have taken them back to the store.

Why shouldn’t I expect the same quality for myself?

How often do we end up settling for second best? How often do we settle for the leftovers in life? How often do we try to cram too much into our lives?

When you are planning your day, do you make time for yourself? Do you make time to do things that you enjoy doing or do you only take whatever time is leftover at the end of the day?

Do you constantly give to everyone else around you, but you don’t allow time to exercise, eat healthy food or get enough sleep? Do you have time to spend with family and friends? Do you have time to meditate and connect with your inner spirit?

Many people say they are too busy to take time for themselves. These are the people who need it the very most. If we do not slow down and take time to recharge and connect with our inner spirits, we will no longer have anything of value left to give to others around us.

My bag of Godiva chocolate would have survived better if the person behind the counter had taken time to pack each individual piece of chocolate in a box. The extra effort on his part would have dramatically affected the final result.

Protect your time. Recognize your priorities and guard them. Give to yourself first and then you will have the energy to give to others. Don’t settle for second best.

Every minute is valuable. Enjoy life and make time for chocolate.