How Will You Celebrate Today?

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. In New York City the line of customers waiting to buy chocolate from Godiva extended out the door. The drugstore had tables conveniently set up by the checkout counter so customers could select valentine cards while waiting in line. Traffic during the evening commute seemed even more impatient than normal as the sound of honking filled the air.

When I was a child it seemed Valentine’s Day lasted much longer than a day. In art class we decorated tissue boxes that became our own individual mailboxes for valentines. We were allowed to keep the boxes on our desks at school for a week. I still remember the excitement in the classroom as everyone went around secretly putting valentines inside of the boxes. Many people put two or three valentines in each box. Some of the valentines were handmade and it was easy to see that the person went to a lot of effort to make the card. We gave valentines to everyone in the class. On Valentine’s Day we took our boxes home after school to look at the cards. Everyone in the class felt special on Valentine’s Day.

Today is February 15 and Valentine’s Day is over. How are you going to celebrate today? Tomorrow? The rest of your life?

Life is a process. The stores make it easy for us to rush through the holidays, grab a card or quick gift that says, “I love you” or “You are an important part of my life,” but how are you communicating these messages the other days of the year?

Slow down and remember the reasons why you bought that valentine card or gift. Make time for the people in your life. Sometimes actions speak louder than gifts. Don’t wait for the next big event to let someone know how you feel. Make every moment count. Make time for chocolate.