The Parade of Champions

The crowds lined the streets of lower Manhattan yesterday for the ticker tape parade celebrating the New York Giants Super Bowl win. Thousands of people missed school and work to be a part of this historical celebration, some coming as early as 2 am to claim a spot along the parade route.

The players rode floats while they filmed the crowds with their own personal cameras. The roar of the crowd was constant as over 50 tons of confetti was thrown out of the buildings lining the parade route. The players traveled uptown to City Hall while bagpipes and bands contributed to the excitement. This event represents the first time a football team has been honored in the financial district.

There will also be a granite and stainless steel strip added to the 200 or more that are already embedded on Broadway. The strips honor ticker tape celebrations dating back to 1886 when an impromptu parade started after the Statue of Liberty was dedicated. The most recent strip added to the sidewalk was in 2000, after the Yankees won the World Series.

Ticker tape machines were invented in 1867 and they provided a running printout of stock market fluctuations. Today, everything is digital so the thin ribbons of paper used in the stock ticker machines are no longer a part of the ticker tape parade. Early pictures of the “Canyon of Heroes” parades have so much paper in the air it looks like a blizzard. Yesterday, there was not as much paper in the air because a lot of the buildings along the parade route do not have windows that can open. It is still quite something to see. People seemed to be throwing just about everything, including toilet paper. It took the sanitation department almost four hours to clean up the 60 tons of trash.

It is exciting to cheer for a team and get caught up in the excitement of winning. It is an experience the team members and the loyal fans will never forget. Everyone on the streets had so much energy and excitement. They did not want to leave.

All of us have the potential to accomplish great things. Many of us accomplish amazing things on a daily basis. Wouldn’t it be great to have fans cheer for all of your achievements? Can you imagine how happy your friends and family would feel if they had a large number of fans cheering them on? Think of the amazing things we could accomplish with this extra love and support.

Celebrate life. Cheer for those around you. Make time for chocolate.