Ready? Get Set. Go.

This exercise will only take two minutes but the results will be extremely valuable. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and get ready to write.

You are going to quickly write down all of the things you are passionate about. Set the timer for two minutes. Ready? Get Set. Go.

If you are like me you are probably continuing to read this without stopping to do the exercise. I promise this one is worth your time. (You will be happy at the end that you did this quick assignment.)

Was it easy to write the entire time? Did you run out of time or was it difficult to think of things that you like to do?

This is how I started my list. I enjoy spending time with my family, experimenting with new recipes, Shakespeare in Central Park, picnics, visiting museums when they are not crowded, spending an afternoon in a great bookstore or Kate’s Paperie, painting, swinging in Central Park, visiting the local deli, Broadway shows, off-Broadway shows, NY pizza, hot bagels, eating imported chocolate, visiting the Farmer’s Market to get apples in the Fall, walking barefoot on the beach, watching surfers ride the waves, traveling, discovering a great restaurant, taking photos, Haagen Dazs Belgium chocolate ice-cream, Christmas, playing games with my family, walking in the rain and reading a really good book on a cold winter’s day.

Take a look at your list. Is there anything else you could add?

How many of the things on your list have you done recently? Have you done any of them today? How do you feel after you have done something you enjoy? Does time disappear? Does the experience leave you feeling better?

Try doing some of the things on your list this weekend. Take time for your passions. This is what makes life worth living. Make time for chocolate.