Something To Think About

If everyone in the world were like me,
what kind of world would it be?

How would it affect our relationships if we
- really listened to one another
- were considerate
- treated others with respect
- said “I love you” (and meant it)
- wrote thank you notes
- set a good example
- thought of others
- put family first
- got rid of negative thoughts

How would it affect our environment if we
- picked up one extra piece of trash every day
- learned to recycle
- appreciated nature
- turned off the lights when they were not being used
- switched to environmentally friendly light bulbs
- used one less paper towel every day
- car pooled
- rode a bicycle or walked to work

How would it affect our health if we
- were a healthy weight
- stopped taking illegal drugs
- stopped smoking
- ate healthy food
- washed our hands
- didn’t live with so much stress
- stayed home when we were sick

How would it affect our community if we
- smiled and were friendly to one another
- were honest, polite, helpful
- volunteered at the school
- made things better than we found them
- put things away after they had been used
- shared our talents with others
- didn’t focus on material possessions
- learned something new every day
- planned for the future
- stood up for what is right
- really knew our neighbors
- spent time with the elderly

Start today. Make the world a better place. Make time for chocolate.