Celebrate Pi Day

Today, not only can you celebrate Pi day, but at 1:59 you can celebrate Pi minute (3.14159).

With the use of computers, Pi has been calculated to over 1 trillion digits past the decimal. Pi is an irrational number meaning it will continue infinitely without repeating.

The symbol for Pi was first used in 1737 by William Jones, but was popular after it was adopted by the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler in 1737.

If you are feeling a bit confused at this point, perhaps it will help to remind you that Pi represents the relationship between a circle’s diameter (its width) and its circumference (the distance around the circle).

For fun take a look at the children’s book Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi – A Math Adventure.

Just enjoy the day. It is always good to have a reason to celebrate. Have fun and make time for chocolate.

Following are a couple of entertaining videos about Pi. Don’t take them too seriously, just laugh and enjoy the moment.