Easter Egg Traditions

In 1878, the Easter Egg Roll was held at the White House for the first time. The tradition has continued over the years with different games and activities.

Celebrations from the past have included a circus and petting zoo, exhibits of antique cars, Broadway shows, giant balloons and concerts featuring current groups like the Jonas Brothers (who are scheduled to perform this year). In 1981 Egg Hunt Pits were introduced where children search straw pits for autographed wooden eggs.

In 1969, First Lady Pat Nixon started the tradition of the White House Easter Bunny (which is usually a White House staff member.) In 1974 the egg-rolling race was introduced with spoons borrowed from the White House kitchen.

State Easter Egg Collection

We often see clips of the Easter Egg Roll on the news, but there is another Easter White House tradition that began in 1994 that has not received as much publicity.

Every year all of the states send an egg decorated by artists across the U.S. to the White House for display in the State Easter Egg Collection. The artists also vote to see who will create the following year's commemorative egg which is presented to the President and First Lady.

It is interesting to look at the designs from past years. Visit the White House web site to view the 2007 eggs from last Easter and see if you can spot the egg that created so much controversey. Eggs pictured on this site include Texas, Ohio and New York.

You can also view the 2008 Easter eggs.

It is fun to have Easter traditions. We are going to be busy this weekend decorating Easter eggs. It is one of our many family traditions.

Celebrate the weekend with your friends and family. Enjoy the moment and make time for chocolate.