You Are Both Right

Have you ever been in a situation where one person sees something one way and another person sees it in a completely different way?

Take a look at this picture. What do you see? At first glance it is a picture of a person, but if you tilt your head slightly to the right, instead of seeing a picture of a person, you will see a word.

What if you were unwilling or unable to see the word? Would you argue that this is just a picture of a person?

Often in our lives we argue over the silliest things and usually it is because we cannot see the situation from the other person’s perspective.

Take time this week to look at your life from a different perspective. Pay attention to details and be willing to listen to other points of view. You will start to better understand the people around you. Perhaps you will both be right!

Enjoy the best parts of life and remember to make time for chocolate.