Alison Nelson's Chocolate Bar

Located near Li-Lac Chocolates on Eighth Avenue, Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar and Café seems to cater to a completely different audience. This West Village shop opened in May 2002 serving coffee and chocolate. The space is small, but they are moving to a new location soon.

The Key Lime Pie Retro Bar is my favorite. Other flavors include caramel apple, peanut butter caramel, salty pretzel, raspberry jam and coconut cream pie. The Graffiti Bars offer ten flavors wrapped in labels designed by ten of New York City’s graffiti artists.

The individual pieces of chocolate are in a case as you enter the café, but they don’t stand out as much as the chocolate bars and merchandise. The company is continuing to expand with other locations and selling additional merchandise including bags, pins, patches, stickers, ties, shirts and hats.

It is a great stop if you are in the neighborhood, but it is not worth a special trip just for the chocolate.

Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar
48 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY

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