Christopher Norman Chocolates

Artists John Down and Joe Guiliano founded Christopher Norman Chocolates. The factory café located near Wall Street at 60 New Street, is a natural showcase for these tiny works of art.

When I visited the shop there was a fairly long line of regular customers waiting for hot chocolate, which by the way, is a fabulous choice on a cold day. The chocolate is not too sweet and it has an amazing flavor.

The pieces of chocolate in the case are beautiful and they would be perfect for a special gift.

I sampled a piece of white chocolate with lemon ($2). I am not a huge fan of white chocolate, but the flavors were amazing. If someone can achieve such intensity with white chocolate, I could only begin to imagine the possibilities with dark chocolate.

If you just want to try some high quality chocolate I recommend choosing one of the 10 different flavors of chocolate bars. I took an informal poll to see what the regulars in line prefer. The Blood Orange and the Ginger seemed to be at the top of the list. I decided to try the Dark Chocolate Blood Orange bar ($4.50).

I was not disappointed. The layers of different flavors were fabulous. I can hardly wait to return to the store to try the Ginger chocolate bar.

I asked for a brochure describing the different flavors. They said they used to have one, but now the flavors change so often that they can’t keep up. They had a small business card size brochure with information about the store.

I started to look at the brochure and I found something inside that was a bit disturbing. There is a photo of John Down wearing a white apron that is covered in chocolate. It makes the store look sloppy and unprofessional. It makes one wonder what is happening back in the factory part of the café. Perhaps they should remove these brochures and let the chocolate speak for itself.

The chocolate is fabulous.

Christopher Norman Chocolates
60 New Street
New York, NY 10004