Evelyn's Hand Dipped Chocolates

Located just off Broadway on John Street, Evelyn’s Hand Dipped Chocolates has been in the neighborhood for fifty years.

It is not the type of shop that one would walk past and be enticed to enter. The shop looks old and run down and the displays in the window do not match other upscale chocolate stores.

The store is extremely small and crowded with boxes of chocolate and candy stashed in various corners. It is not the type of place one would choose to linger.

It is, however, an extremely popular spot with locals. Just like regulars at the neighborhood deli, favorite customers here get treated to extra pieces of candy.

When I entered the store I mentioned that this was my first time and I wondered if they had any recommendations. They were not very helpful, so I decided to purchase two pieces of caramel almond chocolate. The first piece was milk chocolate. The crunch of the almonds was perfect mixed with the chewy caramel. The piece of dark chocolate however was disappointing. I am a huge fan of dark chocolate, but this version did not have any flavor.

The price for two pieces of candy was around $3.00.

Overall, the chocolate was good, but for this price and quality you are better off choosing See’s Candy. They have a catalog and they can deliver through the mail. Their shops on the West Coast are extremely clean and the average price per piece is around 75 cents.

Evelyn’s Hand Dipped Chocolates
4 John Street
New York, NY 10038