The Happy Notebook

"With an infant,you do not move through a day at your own pace. You cannot live your former life. You don’t dine; you eat. You don’t sleep; you nap. You don’t stroll out of the house; you organize a mound of equipment and set off. Every move is punctuated by the baby’s far more pressing need."
(from When Mothers Work)

I remember what it was like having a newborn child in the house and the countless hours of sleep that we missed. I remember being so tired that during my brief moments of sleep I would often jolt awake worried that my tired arms had dropped the baby (only to realize that the baby was safely asleep in the crib and my outstretched arms were empty.)

It was during this time of complete exhaustion that I started a Happy Notebook. I found a small notebook and everyday I wrote down two or three things that made me happy.

Sometimes it was something as simple as being able to take a hot shower. Other times it was the clear blue sky, sunshine or Belgium chocolate ice cream. The best times were watching our baby sleep or seeing our baby’s first smile.

Throughout the years I have often looked back through this tiny notebook and I smile at the entries. They bring back a lot of good memories.

Taking time to write something down in a notebook is a wonderful excuse to stop and think about the things that make life worth living.

Sometimes we get too busy and too tired to recognize or see the happy moments in our lives.

I highly recommend starting a happy book. Everyone should have a place to write down the wonderful things that occur everyday.

Recognize your happy moments. You will be surprised how many times your notebook will make you smile. Start today and make time for chocolate.