Making Memories

I received my first diary with a lock and key when I was eight. That was the year I decided that purple was the best color in the world, so all of my diary entries were written in a purple felt pen. (That is, until the pen ran out of ink and the letters were faded beyond recognition so I was forced to switch to blue).

I have stayed fairly active keeping several journals throughout the years until I started to have children. The journal entries during that time period usually begin with a statement written on January 1st “I am going to try to keep a better record this year of our activities”. The next entry does not usually appear until June, “I haven’t done a very good job writing about our activities.”

The frequency (or lack of) writing in my journal was pathetic. I realized that as our lives change, we have to change. I started taking photographs and creating scrapbooks for my children.

This system worked well until I realized that at the rate I was going, my kids would need two extra large rooms just to store all of these books. It was time to start a new system.

A few years ago I started a “Book of Letters”. Every year, usually at Christmas, I write a letter to each of my children. The letter describes the events they have experienced during the past year. I mention their strengths and accomplishments. I always end the letters letting them know how much I love them. Sometimes I write additional letters throughout the year and they add them to their books. As they have gotten older they seem to appreciate these letters even more.

This week think about a new tradition you could start that does not require a lot of time. If it is simple to do, it is more likely that you will be able to stick with it through the years.

Take time for the people in your life. Make time for chocolate.