New York City Museums

If you were to ask me my favorite museum in New York City, I would immediately say the Metropolitan Museum of Art , but like the Louvre, you need more than one day to see all of the treasures.

The advantage of living in New York City is being able to visit museums when they are not crowded. There is something magical about being near the Temple of Dendur when no one else is around.

The Frick Museum also ranks high on my list of favorite museums. I love to visit the Frick when it is not busy because it is much easier to find a quiet place to sit across from the courtyard fountain. With a little imagination, it feels like visiting the home of an extremely wealthy friend.

The Frick Museum is located in the Frick mansion on 70th Street and Fifth Avenue. It was designed by the same two architects who designed the New York Public Library. Henry Clay Frick lived in the home until his death at age 70. In 1935, a few years after the death of his wife, the house was opened to the public.

The Frick Museum features many of the original furnishings, including Limoges enamels, Oriental rugs, eighteenth-century French furniture, porcelains and a diverse collection of paintings including masterpieces by Vermeer, Goya, Fragonard, Gainsborough and Rembrandt. The paintings are hung throughout the rooms of the mansion following Mr. Frick’s original plan.

If you are in New York City, take a break and sit by the fountain in the courtyard or walk through the gardens. (Just don’t tell a lot of people where you are going. It’s best to keep this museum a secret!)

Take time this week to do something fun. Enjoy life and make time for chocolate.

Following is a short video that shows some pictures of the Frick Museum. For more information see the Frick collection on line or take a virtual tour of the museum.

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