I’ve been spending some time this week watching the daily developments of the research excavation at Stonehenge. The last time an excavation was allowed inside the Stonehenge circle was in 1964.

This time, Archeologists are hoping to retrieve fragments of the original bluestone pillars to be able to obtain a more precise dating of the double blue stone circle (the first stone structure built on the site).

If you are interested at all in archeology, then you will find the BBC Timewatch site interesting. They are posting daily videos and photos of the discoveries and changes that are taking place at the site.

BBC Timewatch and the Smithsonian are funding the excavation. The BBC plans to broadcast a film on the project in the autumn.

There is additional information about the Stonehenge Archaeological Dig at the English Heritage site.

The Smithsonian also has a few background videos about Stonehenge on their site, but they are not as interesting as the day-to-day progress of the excavation.
Stonehenge 5000 year historySmithsonian video
Unlocking the MysterySmithsonian video

Take time to learn more about subjects that you find interesting. Have a great weekend and remember to make time for chocolate.