Jacques Torres

It is fun to step into a chocolate store and actually be able to watch the work going on in the factory.

The large Jacques Torres store on Hudson Street in New York City has floor to ceiling windows allowing customers to look into the factory. While I was there I watched melted chocolate being poured into a large bowl.

The store has a lot of merchandise, including books, T-shirts and hats and it feels like a tourist spot without the tourists. In fact, I was the only customer.

A couple of weeks ago there were a lot of chocolate Easter bunnies for sale, but they didn’t seem to be “on sale”, even though many of them had broken ears.

I sampled the hot chocolate to determine whether I wanted to buy the Classic or Wicked. The canisters were not the ones shown on the web site. The Wicked hot chocolate container just had a label taped to the front of a plain silver canister.

The staff wasn’t extremely helpful or friendly. I purchased a variety of chocolate and left the empty store thinking that perhaps other customers get the same treatment.

The chocolate looked beautiful, but the dark chocolate passion fruit was disappointing (mostly because I was comparing it to Kee’s). The filling was smooth with a thick coating of chocolate, but the passion fruit tasted bitter from the addition of Alize Liquor.

The raspberry milk chocolate coating was very thick with just a small amount of raspberry filling. The filling was light and smooth.

I would not recommend the boxes of chocolate. For individual pieces of chocolate, I would go somewhere else. Instead try the bark (one of the best sellers). You can get a fairly large piece for $3.

I also recommend the hot chocolate and the chocolate bars.

If you visit the shop, watch the dates on some of the items. The rotation system doesn’t seem to be very good. Also pay attention to the chocolate shapes (like bunnies). Sometimes the pieces are broken.

The shop was disappointing, especially considering the great master behind this chocolate.

Jacques Torres
350 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014

Other Locations:
285 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10023

66 Water Street
Brooklyn, NY 11202