Kee's Chocolates

When someone travels from the Upper West Side to this SoHo shop just to buy one piece of chocolate, you know it has to be exceptional. The chocolate is made fresh six days a week and the popular flavors sell out early in the day.

Kee Ling Tong left a corporate job to pursue a dream of opening a flower and chocolate store in 2002. Today, the small shop located on Thompson Street focuses on chocolate and it is not unusual to see her working behind the counter or talking with customers.

On my first visit I was impressed with the friendly atmosphere in the store. Everyone was extremely helpful answering questions about the different flavors. It was difficult to decide, but I finally chose the last piece of passion fruit and a piece of blood orange.

Lucky for me that the chocolate was beautifully packaged in a clear plastic bag and tied with a raffia ribbon because if it had been easy to open and I sampled it before leaving the store I would have purchased all of the remaining pieces of chocolate!

The crunch of the thin layer of dark chocolate was the perfect balance to the intense creamy passion fruit center. The intense blood orange chocolate filling was extremely smooth and flavorful.

Kee’s is by far, one of the best chocolate stores in New York City. Hopefully she will be expanding soon but for now you will need to visit the store in person to experience this chocolate perfection. It is worth a visit every day just for one piece!

Kee’s Chocolates
80 Thompson Street
New York, NY 10012