Max Brenner Chocolate

Max Brenner at Union Square is a welcome addition to the neighborhood and one of the best places in New York City to satisfy a chocolate craving.

The space at 14th Street is much larger than most of the Australia locations. The shop, located just inside the front door, sells the famous chocolate hug mugs, as well as t-shirts, cards and boxed chocolate. The café occupies the rest of the large space and it has a fabulous selection of chocolate temptations.

We stopped in the cafe for Mother’s Day brunch and we ended up focusing on the chocolate portion of the menu. Who can resist chocolate S’mores, where you grill your own marshmallows at the table, or chocolate fondue? What about chocolate soup, melting chocolate heart cake or cheesecake with melted chocolate?

The Eighties milkshake is especially difficult to resist on a hot day. It is extremely thick and served in an Alice cup with a floating scoop of vanilla ice cream covered with crunchy chocolate.

The Alice cup, named after Lewis Carol’s “Alice in Wonderland”, is inspired from the line in the book where Alice drinks from the bottle labeled “Drink Me”. It emphasizes Max Brenner’s philosophy of being “forever young”.

The choctails are also served in the Alice cup. The Chocolate Granita is a pure chocolate truffle (dark, milk or white chocolate) blended with ice. It is unbelievable! It surpasses Serendipity’s frrozen hot chocolate because you don’t have to wait in a ridiculously long line. Max Brenner’s is also friendlier and they don’t rush you like they do at Serendipity.

In true NYC style there is a chocolate bagel on the menu as well as chocolate pizza.

The chocolate pizza is amazing. It is a warm pastry dough topped with double melted chocolate chunks, toasted marshmallows and crunchy hazelnut bits. The portions are perfect for sharing.

The café also has various versions of hot chocolate. You can even create your own combination by adding raspberry, coconut, cinnamon, mint, hazelnuts, bananas or marshmallows.

Max Brenner’s is a fabulous place to meet friends for some of the best chocolate treats in the city. Order a few samples and share. The Union Square location gets busy so I recommend going early (or be prepared for take-out).

Max Brenner
841 Broadway (between 13th & 14th Street)
New York, NY

other locations:
141 Second Avenue (at 9th)
New York, NY