Vere Chocolate

I know of only a few chocolate places in New York City where you can watch the chocolate being made. The easiest to access is Jacques Torres where huge glass windows divide the factory from the store.

Kee’s Chocolates has an employee entrance on the street and you can peak through the glass and watch them working. (Of course they may look up from their work and point you toward the main entrance).

In Christopher Norman’s you can peak through the open door and see some of the chocolate in the back. Occasionally, they offer free samples and if you visit often, you may be invited into the back to see the factory.

The best free chocolate factory tour in New York City is Vere Chocolate located on 27th Street. Vere offers free chocolate samples and they are the only chocolate factory in New York City that owns the entire process from cocoa bean to finished product.

On Friday, the doors of the elevator opened onto the sixth floor and the air was filled with the aroma of chocolate. Various samples of chocolate were arranged in a row in front of the glass windows looking into the tiny factory. There wasn’t much going on in the factory when I was there, but the friendly staff was more than willing to answer questions and provide samples of the products.

Kathy Moskal, Founder and President of Vere, is known for the success of her first business venture, co-founder of HUE, the nations’s leading fashion legwear brand. After selling HUE, she became interested in chocolate when she tried to find a delicious chocolate suitable for a diabetic friend.

Vere Chocolate is promoted as “Chocolate with Benefits!” The chocolate is low in sugar (one serving has less than an apple). They do not add chemicals, artificial sugars or sugar alcohols. One 30g bar has more antioxidants than 2 pounds of broccoli and the signature couveture has more fiber per serving than a slice of whole wheat bread.

Factory Fridays at Vere are a great way to experience the chocolate. Visit the factory and sample the caramels, all dark truffles, brownies and clusters. You can also purchase chocolate fresh from the source. If you are not in New York City, then visit the web site to find the nearest retail location.

Factory Fridays
12 West 27th Street, 6th Floor
New York
Fridays 12-6pm