Chocolate Recipes

Most people who visit this blog are usually looking for great chocolate recipes.

For the past several months I have been posting recipes on Bake Chocolate Cake, a blog I started to share some of my favorite creations.

The ten pounds of chocolate series revolved around the concept of how many different chocolate recipes I could create/bake using a ten pound bag of chocolate chips

The recipe for chocolate coconut cookies began the series last February.  I posted a new recipe every week until July when I used the last chocolate chips in the bag.  The project was a lot of fun and it resulted in some delicious recipes.

If this is your first visit to Make Time for Chocolate, then I invite you to explore.  It is not all about chocolate.  There are some quotes of the week, observations about life and how to rethink our priorities by seeing a different perspective.  There are some Magic Eye pictures as well as  optical illusions.

Of course there is also a large section on chocolate, including my New York City search for the best chocolate.

Hopefully some of the posts will encourage you to make time for the things that are important in your life.  Make time for friends, hobbies and everything that you love.

I will continue to make time for the things that I enjoy.  Stop by and visit some of my other projects and remember to always Make Time for Chocolate.

Following are links to a few recipes from the ten pound chocolate project posted on Bake Chocolate Cake.